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    7 April 2018

    Breakfast with entrepreneurs

    Part of their 2018 initiative of launching an entrepreneurial community of support and growth, Dennis G. Lucan and Slava Baranovskiy organised an entrepreneurial breakfast on Saturday 7th April between 10am and 12pm.
    The group shared personal insights from their failures, what caused them, what impact the incidents had and what did they learn from them. The aim of the breakfast was to learn from each other and consolidate mistake prevention techniques.

    Key insights:

    Stas Kulminski (Co-founder of PartyMaker App)

    1. Fail fast.
    2. Learn and move on.
    3. Go back and prevent.

    Alexander Mercury (Founder of Mercury Films)

    1. If you fail, pick yourself up and recover quickly. Speed is key to moving on.
    2. Don't beat yourself up about not knowing every single thing. Find an expert who will do the task you don't feel driven by. It'll save you time.
    3. Stop seeing failure as a negative, it's one of the most effective ways to learn things because it stays in your DNA and, hopefully, you won't repeat the same mistakes again.

    Nikita Khodkov (President of Young Anglo-Russian Professionals Network)

    1. Clearly define roles in your team.
    2. Learn to say no and delegate.
    3. Implement new ideas fast.

    Slava Baranovskiy (Founder of ELIGENT SYSTEM)

    1. If you fail, consider it as your lesson.
    2. You never fail twice in similar situation if you made right conclusion from your lesson.
    3. What you may consider as your fail, in fact can be right stop for not going a wrong way.

    Dennis G. Lucan (Founder of DGL Group)

    You often realise much later that your failure was a blessing in disguise.


    Stas Kulminski
    Alexander Mercury
    Nikita Khodkov
    Slava Baranovskiy
    Dennis G. Lucan

    Who is organising the breakfasts?

    Slava Baranovskiy

    Creative entrepreneur, tech startup founder, film director/producer and Entrepreneur in Residence of Westminster Business School with a strong business and tech background.
    Read more about him on his website.

    Dennis G. Lucan

    Awarded entrepreneur in national and international business competitions, business consultant with experience in marketing, growth, project management and corporate communications.
    Read more about him on his website.